Amy Huberman reveals how Covid-19 has impacted her career

Pic: VIP Ireland

Like the rest of the country, Amy Huberman has revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on both her and her husband’s careers.

Amy is an actress and comedian, but due to restrictions filming for TV was halted. Similarly, for her husband Brian O’Driscoll he was unable to travel and all sport was stopped for months.

Speaking with RSVP magazine she shared; “Both of our jobs ceased to function. I was doing a little bit of writing and Brian was tipping away at things but collectively that control we thought we had was gone.”

Pic: VIP Ireland

Luckily Amy had finished Finding Joy in January of this year, and the first episode aired last week; “I don’t know about you, I just can’t get my head around what time of the year it is. We finished filming before Christmas and now season two is finally here.”

“Then we finished post-production back in March so I am excited to see all the work we did come to life now that is going to be on telly.”

“I had finished Finding Joy so I was going to take a little time off but of course there was still a knock on because of what happened in the film and TV industry.”

“People don’t know the lay of the land at the moment and people are nervous because of that.”

Speaking about how she found spending lockdown at home Amy shared; “When you are at home all day long with your kids, some days are great and others are just frustrating.”

“When you also worried about family and friends, it is unusual to be skipping through six months of uncertainty. Saying that, none of it felt like a sacrifice compared to what other people had to do and I felt safe and there is a lot to be said for that.”

Amy announced her pregnancy on Instagram just last month, with a witty pic of a bun in the oven. “There’s a bun in the oven. Listen I know I’m a pun hun and this is pun hun’s bun pun but there IS an actual little bun in the oven.

“We’ve been cooking something other than banana bread and sourdough over the past few months and it’s over half way cooked now but it’s a slow cook one so still needs another few months yet.

“Only problem is between the PE teacher and the painter and the gardener and the baker during lockdown I might not be entirely sure who the Dad is,” she joked.

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