Would Amy Huberman follow Beckhams’ footsteps with reality show?

Pic: Jayden Fa for VIP Magazine

Amy Huberman and Brian O’Driscoll are Ireland’s answer to Victoria and David Beckham.

Of course, that means that Taylor Swift and her NFL boyfriend Travis Kelce are America’s answer to Amy and BOD.

Plenty of sportspeople have let camera crews into their home like Netflix’s Beckham or the reality show following Tyson and Paris Fury, At Home With The Furys.

So could Amy and Brian be following in their footsteps?

Amy Huberman is VIP Magazine’s November cover star and we, of course, had to ask if this was something they had even considered.

And how we could be involved!

Pic: Jayden Fa for VIP Magazine

“I’m actually in the middle of watching At Home With The Furys at the moment andnext on the cards is Beckham,” Amy tells us.

“But no, I couldn’t ever do a show like that. A crew in my house? Couldn’t cope! I definitely wouldn’t do it. For us we like to close the door.”

Well, there you have it folks!

Amy, who is the brand ambassador for Irish cosmetics brand Ayu, admits: ” I do crave routine because to be in a state of flux all the time is exhausting. However, if the family base has routine, life is okay. And, if Brian happens to be really busy, I’ll pull back, and he likewise.”

So it makes sense that she is not eager to have cameras in their home.

While Amy seems to be constantly on the go, she tells us that she did have to take a moment out after finishing her children’s book, The Day I Got Trapped In My Brain.

Pic: Jayden Fa for VIP Magazine

“When I finished that book I definitely felt I needed space from writing. I had up until then jumped from project to project but I knew I needed a break.”

She went on to say: “I did have a young baby but I think mainly it was because I had to finish the book at a really difficult time in my life after my dad had died. And because the nature of the book was about loss I felt it hard to get to the finishing point.

“I knew I had to take a step back but I was afraid that I wouldn’t want to write again. Only in the last month have I wanted to.”

To read our full interview with Amy Huberman pick up the November issue of VIP Magazine, on shelves nationwide now

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