Amy Huberman opens up about the challenges of being a mother and staying fashion savvy

She's certainly got a lot on her plate these days...


Amy Huberman has revealed the struggle she faces being a full-time mum and full-time fashionista.

The Irish beauty’s fashion icon status hasn’t always been easy to maintain after becoming a mother.

Amy admits to the Irish Independent that her style has most definitely evolved since becoming a mum.

She said. “Although I don’t know if it’s just evolved because I’m older as well,

“My wardrobe is simpler. But I try not to get into the habit of wearing the same things, blue jeans and black jumper, blue jeans and different black jumper that’s clean…or not clean.”

BOD's one lucky fella.
BOD’s one lucky fella.

Apparently, the nation’s sweetheart also falls victim to the odd fashion disaster at the hand of the little ones as well.

She said, “I went to a communion last week wearing a silk shirt which was really stupid of me.

“There were a billion kids there with greasy hands and all I could think was ‘I did not think this through! DRY CLEANING!’ I was getting slices of ham thrown at me!

“It’s like, ‘you’re really cute, but step away from me. I’ll look at your cute buttery hands from across the room, put your cute buttery hands on someone else, I’m wearing silk.

“We can hug this out later when we’re at home and I’m in my pyjamas.”

We have no doubt that even if Amy had ketchup splattered all over a white dress- she’d still look fab!

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