All your SPF questions answered

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We know that Irish summertime can be a bit crazy.

One day the sun will be beaming and the next day it will be lashing rain.

But one thing that we can count on is that we need to be applying SPF.

Even when the sun isn’t shining.

Michelle Ryan

But there are so many questions that we have about sunscreen… Thankfully, Michelle Ryan, Ultraceuticals National Trainer, has shared everything you need about SPF!

How many times should we be reapplying sunscreen?

Michelle tells us: “SPF needs to be reapplied every two hours to maintain protection. I would apply first thing in the morning before sun exposure and top up every two hours ideally throughout the day.”

Yes, every two hours!

What factor SPF should we be using?

From 15 to 30 to 50 – what factor should we be grabbing for?

Michelle says: “Minimum SPF 30 daily. Always make sure it’s a broad spectrum spf to protect form UVA & UVB.”

What are the most common misconceptions about sunscreen?

  1. Most people think the SPF in their foundation is enough to protect them, but you really need to be applying it under makeup to get the SPF coverage on the skin.
  2. Another misconception about sunscreen is you don’t need to reapply them, again this is untrue and re application is vital to prolong protection daily.

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