A cocktail festival is coming to Dublin – here’s why we’re super excited

Bottoms up!

We can't wait!
We can’t wait!

It’s as if someone has answered our prayers – a seven-day festival is coming to Dublin, based on trying out the finest cocktails a bartender can offer.

Yep, the Dublin Cocktail Festival will run for a week from October 12th, and over 30 venues across the city are involved.

Each of the bars and restaurants involved have been working on developing a signature cocktail in the hopes that they will win an overall prize after the seven days are up. The venues include Coppinger Row, Diep Le Shaker, Drury Buildings, Secret Bar and Fade Street Social, Koh, Peruke & Periwig, Upstairs at Kinara Kitchen and 777.

Each yummy beverage will contain an Irish spirit or liqueur as their leading ingredient, to show off what distilleries are creating  – “everything from single pot still whiskies, premium gins and vodkas, old school poitíns and liqueurs infused with wild Irish berries”. Sounds good to us!

Need more details and how you can get involved? Click here!
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