50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy is back, and here’s why we’re super excited!

Bring on the laughs!

50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy will be back on our screens very soon!
50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy will be back on our screens very soon!

Baz Ashmawy and Ireland’s most famous 70-something-year-old, his mum Nancy, will be returning to our screens as 50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy is BACK on Sky 1 on September 1st, and we here in VIP towers couldn’t be more excited!

We fell in love with Nancy’s eccentric outlook on life during the first series, and we can’t wait to see what antics she gets up to this time around.

As we mused over what there could be left for Nancy and Baz to get up to, we decided to have a look back at some of our favourite bits from the last series… They certainly didn’t disappoint!

Bungee jumping!
When Baz suggested she bungee jumped off a bridge in South Africa, Nancy was less than impressed with the idea. He decided to lead by example, in the hopes of getting Nancy to follow suit.. but it didn’t go exactly to plan, and we were left in hysterics at her reaction.

Paintballing payback…
“Just ready for all the trouble he has given me in the past…”

Nancy meant business as she took aim at Baz during a round of paintballing. She decided to get him back for all the hassle he has caused her over the years, and we’re sure it’s something all mammies in Ireland would just love to get a chance to do!

Mammy rides an ostrich…
We were nearly on the verge of tears we laughed so hard at this scene, but we probably shouldn’t even have giggled as Nancy was very clearly PETRIFIED of getting on the back of an ostrich. Well at least she attempted it!

Cambodian roadtrip!
Baz decided to take things easy for a day and rented an old army jeep for a soothing drive around Cambodia…but that’s not exactly what his mammy got. Nancy was terrified that she’d fall out of the side of the jeep as Baz zoomed down the streets, and as a typical mammy in the passenger seat of the car, she done nothing but hurl commands at him and critic his driving. It gave us here in VIP a good chuckle!

Aerial adventures!
Nancy channeled her inner Maverick as she hit the air in a fighter jet, but then wowed us once more when she took charge of a hot air balloon in Morocco. She even appeared to have a soft spot for her co-pilot, we wonder if they’re still pals…

Trigger happy…
Baz brought Nancy to try her arm at shooting some targets when they were over in LA, and well she took to it like a duck to water. She certainly got a bit trigger happy. We wouldn’t get on the wrong side of her if we were you, Baz!

The next series is set to be just as good as Nancy takes on more daredevil tasks in the name of comedy and overcoming her fear.

One particular thing we can look forward to about this series, is a dance routine between Baz, Nancy and 700 inmates in a high security prison.

We're dying to see this!
We’re dying to see this!

Speaking to TVNow Magazine this week about the experience, Nancy said, “Honestly, I found that fascinating. I was dancing with 700 prisoners and it was great – beyond belief really. They were all actually nice. It was great, I really enjoyed it.

She continued, “At the beginning I was a little nervous and I was looking around and going where are the prison guards, and then I realized there wasn’t any.”

Baz admits that she took it better than he could have ever expected: “I thought she was over relaxed. Mum was walking around like it was Disneyland! This prison is run by inmates!”

All we can say is, Nancy’s a braver woman than us. We wouldn’t even attempt half the things she does!

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