5 Mistakes You’re Making While Shopping

You may love to shop 'till you drop - but are you doing it right?


“Those who hate shopping, don’t know how to shop,”….Amen.

Shopping is totes our favourite form of therapy (it so does count as therapy, OK!?) – as long as you know what you’re doing.

Follow our guide on the Top 5 mistakes to avoid making and happy shopping, ladies!

How to avoid the stress of shopping!


1. Avoid Shopping “Daze”

Do you tend to walk into a shop and your eyes glaze over, and you suddenly don’t know what to do or where to look? Try writing a list beforehand – this will help you to stick to what you’re looking for and you can focus solely on what you came into the store for.

Sounds simple – but if you’re the easily distracted type, get it written down.

2. Don’t be easily swayed

Think about it – that sales assistant who is trying to influence you to buy more stuff (whether it suits you or not)? Yeah, they’re kinda paid to do that.

Some are even paid extra commission based on how much they sell, so it’s totally in their interest that you buy that frumpy looking dress that they say you look fabulous in. Top tip – take a quick snap in the mirror and Snapchat it to your group of gal pals for some honest opinions.

3. Try, try, try

Admit it… how many times have you thought ‘oh it’s fine, I just won’t bother try this on’, only to get home and HATE it?

Just because you consider something to be ‘your size’ does not mean it’s going to be a perfect fit, and many stores have different variations on what you think is the norm.

The golden rule is to always try on whatever you’re going to purchase – it’s gonna look very different on your body to how it looks on the hanger!

4. One size does not fit all

On that note, one sure-fire way to ruin your shopping experience is queuing for aaages for the changing rooms with your garments all in one size – only to realise when you’re in there that you need the size up. Even though many stores only allow you to take in 5 or 6 items, don’t worry if you need to bring more – the sales assistant will keep the extras or at least go and get you more clothes if needs be. Don’t be timid: this is their job and they should be happy to help.

5. Bargain hunter

This is something you might have heard your Mammy warn you about before… “Don’t buy something just for the sake of it!”

She was right though – buying because it’s on sale, not because you need it, is one of the worst ways to waste the penneys when out browsing the shops.

We all love a bargain, but just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s really a bargain – especially if it’s something that you will never, ever wear and ultimately will just take up space in your wardrobe. C’mon…be strong, sista’!


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