5 indoor activities the whole family can get involved in

Navigating through this unprecedented climate is difficult for most, if not every person across the country. As the government made the decision to move to Level 5 of lockdown this week, activities and events planned for outdoors, with members from outside our own households have had to be canceled as a reult.

While we’re back in a similar situation to the one we were in, in spring of this year, this time around we’re not fortunate enough to have sunshine to brighten up our back garden breaks and daily exercises. This of course means that most of our time during the next six weeks will be spent indoors. Trying to keep yourself sane and entertained at home can be no easy feat, but doing it with little (and big) ones in the house also can seem like a mammoth task.

Weekends and evenings will no longer be spent going to the playground or having playdates with friends, but that doesn’t mean that fun and laughter are canceled altogether. There are plenty of things you can do in the safety of your own home that is entertaining for the whole family, bringing everyone together once again.

With a little imagination anything is possible, so here are 5 of our tried-and-tested indoor activities to beat the boredom this lockdown.

Arts & Crafts Day

If you’re a parent who doesn’t mind rolling up their sleeves and getting a little messy, then an arts and crafts day is perfect. With both Halloween and Christmas around the corner, you could organise set themes and challenges each week. Thinking outside the box, you could ask your little ones to create pumpkins out of paper plates, or Christmas tree decorations out of putty, with a quick ‘easy crafts for kids’ Google you’ll see that the possibilities are endless, just be sure to cover the carpet with newspaper to avoid any mishaps!

Blanket Forts 

If there’s one thing that children love, it’s blanket forts! And really, when you grow up and become an adult that love for creating your own private den never leaves you. So, if it’s bucketing down this weekend, why not set up a blanket fort for the day? Grabbing as many chairs and blankets as you have in your home, you can make your fort as big or as cosy as you want. Set yourselves up with some treats and a movie and you’re set for the evening, the memories that will be made are priceless.

Game Night 

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you go back to Zoom quizzes anytime soon! But, organising a game night with the family at home can be a lot of fun, and a great way to pass a few hours. Order in your favourite takeaway and get cracking on the games. From charades to head-up, there’s plenty to play, you could even up the ante with a cash prize, that’s sure to get even the older kids to come out of their rooms!

Treasure Hunts 

As it’s coming up to Halloween, why not organise a treasure hunt around your home. You could create a map, or riddles for the little ones to follow, and the whole family could get involved by looking around for their favourite snacks and treats. If you have a furry friend? Even better! Most dogs love to hunt too, so why not hide some doggy biscuits around the house and let your four-legged-friend get involved in the fun too, they are bona fide members of the family after all!

Come Dine With Me 

We’re all familiar with the cooking entertainment show ‘Come Dine With Me’ so, why not try it out for yourself? If you have older children who are able to cook alone, take it in turns each night cooking for one another, starters, mains, and deserts, and rate one another, whoever gets the highest score, wins! If you have little ones, you could split up into teams, with an adult taking on a child as a ‘helper’ and battle it out amongst yourselves to decide who made the best dish – just try not to fall out in the process!

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