4 Things Glenda Gilsen Has Taught us About Fashion

The model-turned-TV-presenter has a lot to impart when it comes to her personal style.

If you want a lesson in how to look effortlessly stylish, look no further than one of the most recognisable faces from Irish TV – Glenda Gilson.

The Xposé babe has graced the pages of Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire and, quite simply, knows what’s what when it comes to fashion.

Here are four things we have learned from the model & fashionista – check out our gallery for pics!



1 Sequins are sexy

Glenda’s 2014 Peter Mark VIP Style Awards outfit had eyes popping out of heads – for all the right reasons. This is one lady whose personal style is evolving into the stratosphere at ’round about the same rate as her career.

2 The plunge rules

When you’re as willowy-slim as Glenda is, plunging gowns and clingy cuts are very definitely your pals, girlfriend. We like her addition of some clever keyhole cuts around the waist too. One tip: just keep the #tittape handy, huh?

3 Slim fit’s a hit

Cut close to her hips, Glenda proves that if you’re leggy and toned, then showing off what you’ve got is a must. Keeping it classy in a mermaid gown with a sweetheart necklace, she’s observing the legs or chest rule to a tee.

4 Casual’s cool

Unusually in Irish celebland, she scores as often off the red carpet as she does on it. Famous for her dressed-down Xposé outfits, we love how she ties her off-duty outfits together by picking out one colour to wear in shoes or a bag. It’s a clever way to look put together and she’s got it down pat.

5 Metallic’s a neutral

How to look pulled together quickly? Our Ms Gilson knows: pick an elegant gown in a pale hue and work your accessories in a muted metallic.


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