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Irish celebs tweeted their support for Paddy Smyth after last night’s First Dates Ireland

Viewers LOVED the Snapchat star!
Paddy stole the show last night


Irish Snapchat sensation Paddy Smyth appeared on First Dates Ireland last night, and not only did he win over his date David, but he also stole the hearts of the entire nation.

Paddy, a 28-year-old gay man from Dublin, shot to fame in Ireland over the last couple of years through the Snapchat app, and has built up over 20,000 followers so far. The Sutton native is also a disabled activist as he has Cerebral Palsy in both of his legs, but he isn’t letting it stop him in any way.

On last night’s show Paddy admitted that he’d never been in love. He was open and honest with his date, 33-year-old David from Cork, and they totally clicked!

Viewers took to social media to express how much they loved Paddy on the show, including a number of his celeb pals such as Pippa O’Connor and Thalia Heffernan.

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Feeling completely overwhelmed by the reaction and support he received from the public, and realising that he was trending in Ireland on Twitter last night, Paddy thanked his fans for their kind words, “I can’t believe I’m trending, thank you- I got so overwhelmed with emotion I cried a little,” he wrote.

Paddy and David were our out and out favourite couple from last night’s show, and we can confirm that they’ve been on several dates since!

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