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Get out your woolies, as the weather is set to plummet tonight

Temperatures of -4 degrees are expected tonight lads.
It'll be chilly!
It’ll be chilly!

We have to admit that we’ve been fairly lucky on the weather front this winter, but tonight will see our streak come to an end.

You’ll be needing the electric blanket and the hot water bottle tonight, as temperatures are to range between 0 and -4 degrees. There is also a risk of frost near atlantic coasts.

rain is expected for the afternoon
rain is expected for the afternoon

While today isn’t forecasted to be too bad, with some patchy rain and sunshine expected for this afternoon. Top temperatures will be 8 to 11 degrees, with values being best across western and southwestern counties.

So settle in for a cold one tonight with a cup of tea by the fire, as there’s no escaping the sharp drop in temperature later on.

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