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Aoibhin Garrihy reveals the wardrobe staple she can’t live without

"It's a habit I need to break..."
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Aoibhin Garrihy has revealed the items in her wardrobe that she can’t live without.

The actress and stylish reality star said that when it comes to basics, there is only one thing she can’t help but buy.

“Recently, I cleared out my wardrobe and discovered that I have about 30 pairs of jeans, or something crazy like that,” she exclusively told VIP Magazine.

“I have jeans in so many different colours and styles, they are kind of foolproof. I supposed they are my fallback.” The actress explained.

Aoibhin loves her jeans
Aoibhin loves her jeans

But aside from jeans, Aoibhin can’t tame her love for dresses.

“I have a crazy obsession with dresses as well.”

The Dancing with the Stars finalist explained that while she has no problem buying jeans, she’s not so good at picking up the other everyday basic pieces.

“I’m always struggling to find tops and the basic day to day things, but I could have a handful of new dresses at any given moment that I haven’t even worn yet.”

Aoibhin has a collection of pretty dresses like this one
Aoibhin has a collection of pretty dresses like this one

“When I go shopping, I dont think ‘I need new knickers, I need a new bra’, or things for day to day like runners, and something you’d actually get the wear out of. Instead I have dresses I’ll probably wear once and then they’ll just sit there.”

“That’s a habit I need to break,” she joked.

So if you’re inspired by Aoibhin’s style, all you need a some good jeans and a handful of pretty dresses.

The actress also revealed why concealer is her go-to beauty product, and told us what’s in her beauty bag.

Aoibhin is judging the g hotel Best Dressed Lady competition as part of the Galway Races on Ladies Day, Thursday 3 August.

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