Your complete guide to surviving Electric Picnic

Electric Picnic is quite literally around the corner, we know we can’t believe it either.

Understandably you probably packed the essentials a week or more ago. From a tent to chairs and even some spare clothes, because let’s be real you’re about to be up to your eyeballs in muck – it is Ireland after all!

If you’re headed off to Stradbally in the next couple of days, whether it’s your first or your hundredth time, chances are you might need a helping hand with the last-minute things to pack, to help you survive the mucky fields of Co. Laois.

From dry shampoo to make-up wipes and wellies to a portable charger, here’s everything you need to survive Electric Picnic.


We think these are pretty self explanatory, all you have to do is look at festivals past – Oxygen and EP we’re looking at you in particular – to realise wellies are a necessity when it comes to a festival in Ireland. These ones from the Regatta Outdoors X Orla Kiely Collection should keep your feet dry, while still looking stylish.

Dry Shampoo

An absolute necessity when it comes to festival days, dry shampoo is and always will be an absolute hair saviour when it comes to hiding that 3rd day hair. This Kevin Murphy mini dry shampoo is perfect for festivals. It’s compact, effective and even smells great.

Wet Wipes

Who actually has the patience to wait in line for a shower at a festival? We certainly don’t, that’s where Water Wipes come in. Clean yourself up morning, afternoon and night. You’ll thank us for suggesting this mini shower in a biodegradable wipe.

Make-up Wipes

We know they’re not actually good for your skin but when you’ve been out in a mucky field all day, the last thing you want to do is go searching for water in the dark to try and take your make-up off. The Simple Micellar Water Wipes are a fave for a reason they’re simple natural ingredients in a wipe that’s soothing and refreshing after a long day.

Packing Cubes

If you’re anything like us, you over pack no matter where you’re going. Packing for a two week holiday you’d think we were headed off for a year. So a three day festival you can guarantee we’re going to overpack so packing cubes are going to be your best friend, the easiest way to pack what you want without compromising on space. Clossy Cubes are a great Irish choice to help you on your packing journey.

Portable Charger

Again, we think this kind of speaks for itself. Somehow, we don’t think you’ll find a charging station in the middle of a field. If you want to have any battery over the weekend a power bank/portable charger is your best friend – we have three charged up for the weekend ahead. This power bank from The Case Cave is cute, pocket sized and a great addition to your festival essentials list.


Whether it’s sun or lashing out of the heavens, SPF is an absolute necessity. We’re trying to avoid damaging our skin after all! The Neostrata Sheer Physical Protection Sunscreen SPF 50 is our favourite as you can also reapply on top of make-up throughout the day – a big plus!

Rain Jacket

Chances are it will be wet and most likely humid, so a rain jacket definitely wouldn’t go a miss, just make sure it’s decent quality, you don’t want to be sweating off the tan five minutes after arriving. This Lululemon Always Effortless Jacket, while expensive, is thick, comfortable and even has a hood, hurrah!


Sunglasses are an essential, whether for blocking those rays or blocking the rain drops. Let’s be real, they’re also great for hiding a hangover. Don’t bother with an expensive pair, you’ll just lose them instead pick up a pair like these from New Look.

Bum Bag

Between the muck, the lack of security and the whole sleeping in a tent thing, bringing valuables isn’t a good idea. However, if you must bring important documents, cash or even your phone, keep it all in a bum bag inside your clothes, wrapped tightly around you. This money wallet from Mountain Warehouse is a great option and will keep your valuables safe and sound.


Pretty self explanatory, aside from the fact you should be brushing your hair every day, it’ll make your life so much easier if you decide to attempt heatless curls from your tent – we’re waiting to hear the traumatic stories! A nice soft hairbrush that doesn’t tug on the root of the hair like the Faro Haircare Glide Brush is the best way to look after your hair while on the go.


With all the concerts this year we should be in glitter overload but if you’re not, well you need to jump in head first. We love a biodegradable face and body glitter like the Dublin Body Paint. Be prepared to dazzle us all away with your festival inspired glitter looks.


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