“You don’t really know what it is like until it happens to you” Keith Duffy on dealing with his father’s death

Keith Duffy

Keith Duffy has opened up about losing his beloved dad, and how coping with the loss has been a steep learning curve for him.

Keith’s father, Sean Duffy passed away last January. Since then, Keith, his two brothers, and their mother Pat have been getting used to life after Sean.

Sharing how he’s been dealing, Keith spoke open and honestly with Daily Mirror saying:

“It’s a learning process. Unfortunately, everyone at some stage will lose a parent, you can’t prepare yourself really for it. You think you can, but you can’t,” he began.

“And you don’t really know what it is like until it happens to you”

Keith Duffy

Sharing his advice for other people hurtling toward the inevitable, Keith continued:

“I suppose my message really now is, for everyone out there to make as many memories as you possibly can with your parents”

“Make time for them, look after to them, listen to them morning and groaning and giving out and just take them out for dinner and have a few pints and enjoy their company and make memories.”

Thankfully, Keith credits the wonderful support system he has around him, including his former Boyzone bandmate Ronan Keating and his Boyzlife partner Brian McFadden.

Brian McFadden, Keith Duffy
Pic: Keith Duffy/Instagram

“We all fall down and it is not how you fall down it is how you pick yourself back up again and it is the people around you that help you pick yourself back up,” he said.

“That is testimony to the friendship that we have.”

Speaking specifically of Ronan and their 30-year friendship he gushed:

“We have that type of relationship that we know each other so long that we don’t have to see each other every day and every month for our friendship to stay strong and sincere.”

Pic: VIP Ireland

“Our foundation of friendship goes back a long way.

“Right back to the early 1990s, so like I said if we don’t see each other for a year or two years the next time we see each other it is just like it was yesterday. our friendship is still the same.”


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