Words of wisdom! Irish celebs share the best piece of advice they’ve received from their mam

Pic: VIP Magazine

Always there with a listening ear and some sound advice, mums are the perfect people to go to when you’re facing a problem. Whether you’re going through difficult period and need someone to lean on, or simply need to talk a few things through, mums always seem to know exactly what to say.

With this in mind, we’ve caught up with a few of our favourite Irish stars to hear some of the best advice their mums have shared over the years, that really struck a cord and stuck with them. We’ll certainly be following these words of wisdom!

Lisa Jordan

Pic: Emma Jervis for VIP Magazine

My mum has always encouraged me to be myself and not to let anyone take that from you. It has stuck with me all my life and I feel I wouldn’t be where I am today without that advice.

Amilia Keating

Pic: Christy McKenna

My mam, like every other Irish mammy says ‘What’s for ya won’t go by ya’. After years of rolling my eyes through my teens when she used it to comfort me, I quickly realised that she is completely right. I really believe now that everything happens for a reason and all the bad and the good that you encounter shapes you into the person you are today.

Maia Dunphy

Do you know what I’ve realised over the last few years? The most important things I’ve learned from my mum aren’t lessons she conveyed, but the qualities she has that I want to emulate. My mum never doled out advice like a box of fortune cookies, but her stoicism, her care and love, and her unrelenting positivity and kindness are things I hope my son will one day see in me.

Niamh De Brún

My mam always says, ‘Promise me that no matter what happens, you will never give up. Always do your best and believe in yourself.’

Audrey Hamilton

My mum has given me so much advise throughout my life. We tell each other everything, we are so close. One of the best pieces of advice she has given me and continues to give me is to always try and surround yourself with positive people!

Louise Cooney

Pic: VIP Magazine

I don’t know if I’d say there was any one piece of advice in particular, just her unconditional support and encouragement is really what means the most to me. My mom has always encouraged me to travel, to put myself forward for things when I was a little nervous about them, to step outside my comfort zone and to take every opportunity that comes my way.

Holly Carpenter

Pic: VIP Magazine

The best advice my mum Jane has given me is to be independent and learn how to rely on myself. She has always encouraged me to be my own woman and not to let the opinions of others matter too much to me. This has really helped me over the years and it will be something that I will pass on to my own daughter if I ever have one.

Jenny Buckley

My mum’s favourite saying has to be ’If you can’t say something nice about somebody then say nothing at all’. My mum has a very balanced personality and would be zen-like in her approach to confrontation. She doesn’t harbour resentment and if I’m upset about something she would always advise me to just let it go. Her outlook is always positive and from watching her over the years I’ve learned that this is really an essential tool for life. Her vibe has helped to attract her tribe as she is surrounded by the most amazing friends.

Grainne Gallanagh

Pic: VIP Magazine

The best piece of advice my mother ever gave me was that ‘no one is above you and no one is below you.’ I used to really struggle with my confidence and I have always had a hard time standing up for myself. I’m getting better and my mother always reminds me that nobody is of any more importance than I am, and on the other hand that I am no better than anyone else. We’re all just people!


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