What is Nanoblading? The new beauty phenomenon

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If you subscribe to the world of beauty, you have probably heard of microblading for your brows by now.

But step aside microblading there’s a new beauty phenomenon to achieve fluffy and full brows and it’s less invasive to the skin.

With the rise of semi-permanent make-up, nanoblading has become extremely popular for those who want the perfect brows and it’s been gaining momentum in the beauty industry. 

Pic: Pexels

What exactly is nanoblading? 

The process is essentially a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo technique that uses an ultra-fine nanoneedle. The process involves creating fine strokes that imitate brow hairs creating the perfect shape brow with more definition and fullness. 

 If the thought of tattooing your eyebrows turns you off the idea don’t be worried – the nanoblading is not as deep as a conventional tattoo as it only goes through the top layer of the skin.  

Nanoblading will give you brows that look natural and effortless and will have people wondering how you got blessed with the perfect brows.  

How is it different to microblading? 

While the two processes are quite similar, microblading is slightly more invasive to the skin. While microblading uses a handheld tool with rows of many small needles, nanoblading uses a machine with even smaller and ultra-fine needles, compacted together to create one ultra-fine blade, which allows for a much more natural look with more precise and detailed strokes and more importantly less trauma to the skin.  

Both nanoblading and microblading results fade over time. Both give a natural look and have amazing results but whether you should go for one or the other varies from person to person. 

Pic: Pexels

What is the Process? 

First, you will have a consultation between you and your brow artist where you will discuss your desired shape colour and style for your brows. If you have not had one prior, your artist will do a patch test to ensure you have no allergies to the pigment.  

Once you are happy with the shape and colour, the artist will apply a numbing cream and begin the procedure. They will work stroke by stroke implanting the pigment to create the perfect brows. 

After the main event, the artist may apply a soothing gel and give you instructions for caring for your new brows. You may be asked back for a follow-up appointment to ensure all has healed well and looks as it should.  

Does it hurt? 

The short answer is yes, a little bit, of course, this does depend on your pain threshold. It won’t be as sore as a conventional tattoo, but it is slightly more uncomfortable than your regular tweezing, threading or waxing of the brows. 

Pic: Pexels

Taking care of your new brows 

After your nanoblading session, you should resist the urge to scratch – it will be worth it. The nano brow maintenance is less than getting your eyebrows threaded or waxed every 4-6 weeks. While how long they last varies from person to person, it is more likely you will only need a touch-up every two years.  

If you are ready to up your brow game, nanoblading is a great option for low-maintenance brows that look full and amazing. Finding an artist that suits you is essential and don’t be afraid to shop and ask around. If you’re unsure if nano brows are for you, speaking to a dermatologist is a great option and they may be able to send you in the right direction!  

Words by Abby Sammon


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