What is glass skin? And how to achieve it!

It’s all about hydration!

You want your skin to appear flawless, effortlessly. Well worry not because we have all the details about the new trend glass skin.

And how you can achieve it.

What is Glass Skin?

A Korean beauty trend that pursues dewy skin on a whole other level. Glass skin is the dream goal for most skincare lovers. It’s a recipe for perfection that will leave your skin looking flawless, smooth and with a luminous finish… kind of like glass!

If you’re already familiar with Charlotte Cho’s 10-step Korean skincare routine from 2014, then you have probably been subconsciously trying to create a glass skin complex ever since.

Honestly, we can thank K-Beauty for turning healthy skin into a trend. In South Korea, skincare is considered to fall under the frame of healthcare and so it is taken quite seriously, hence the multi-step facial routines.

It is believed that by applying layers of hydrating products onto your face you can transform your dull skin into something that is nourished, bright and crystal clear.

Say no more! What is the secret?

How to achieve Glass Skin

1. Double Face Wash

Once just isn’t enough. Before applying any product to your face, it is so important that you ensure you have a super clean base! If you’re willing to do the most then we advise that you use both an oil base and a gentle water base cleanser. Right now, we love the IMAGE balancing facial cleanser and the CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser.

2. Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate

Gently and not too often. Our skin is delicate, so it is important to handle it with care. Exfoliation removes any dead skin cells from the skin which will create a smooth surface.

3. Tone that Skin

Sweep away any excess oil with a refreshing toner. Do your research when choosing a toner as many formulas can strip and dry out your skin. You want to go for one that will maintain your skin’s pH balance whilst keeping it hydrated. Our personal favourite is the Skin Proud detox tonic which has a balanced formulation of AHAs and BHAs for exfoliation combined with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and aloe vera.

4. Sheet Mask (K-Beauty Secret)

Most people look past the power of a sheet mask… but not the Koreans. It’s the K-Beauty secret that makes their skincare ritual unique. In Charlotte Cho’s 10-Step Skincare Routine, steps 5 and 6 involve using an essence and a serum. Despite the fact you may look like a serial killer for 15 minutes, a sheet mask provides two of these key products needed to achieve glass skin!

5. Serum

This is an absolute necessity to give your skin that extra hydration and shine. I would recommend choosing a serum that contains hyaluronic acid and other beneficial ingredients such as vitamin C for brightening, botanical extracts to support the skin texture and if possible one with anti-ageing ingredients like B complex or collagen. Our go-to is The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid + B5 serum, it’s lightweight and super gentle on the skin!

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6. Lather on the moisturiser

This step is crucial to lock in the moisture and to act as a skin barrier. The moisturiser you choose completely depends on your skin type, so this can be different for everyone. We advise that the treatment you choose is one that will provide a remedy to any one of your skin problems, whether that be oiliness, acne, wrinkles, brightening or dryness. Focus on your priority!

7. Eye Cream… If you’re feeling extra!

For most people, the area around the eyes tends to show signs of dehydration before anywhere else on the face due to its thinness and delicacy. Eye cream will act as an extra protective barrier to this part of the face whilst lifting and plumping the area for a more awake look!

8. SPF for protection

UV rays are a K-Beauty sworn enemy. Applying SPF is a vital step in protecting the skin from sun damage and maintaining its healthy condition. An SPF of 30 is suggested for day-to-day wear, however, an SPF of 50 is best if you are abroad or if the UV index is high. Check out the Skin Cancer Foundation for more information on protecting your skin from the sun.

No one said that glass skin is easy to achieve. Healthy skin takes a lot of time and effort to acquire… so don’t be expecting results overnight!

It’s all about consistency, care and drinking plenty of water! If you’re willing to stick to these rules then say hello to that dazzling, glass skin you’ve worked so hard for!

Words by Shauna Whyte


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