What is a ‘nailfie’ – and how exactly do you perfect it!? We’re here to help….

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Forget the typical selfie, nowadays it’s all about showing off your perfectly polished nails with a gorge ‘nailfie’.

Yes, it took us a while to come around to the term too, but once you do, you won’t look back! After spending so much effort on making those nails look good, why not show them off?

One Irish celeb who’s a huge fan of this trend is Holly Carpenter. The model loves to show us all her new nails when she gets them done, and we’re nothing but envious of how gorge they are!

So fresh & so clean! Love this glossy natural look. I think this colour is called bashful 🙂 

A photo posted by Holly Carpenter (@hollycarpenter) on

We caught up with a Sally Hansen expert who not only taught us the best colour to use this Autumn/Winter which will take you right through to Spring/Summer of 2016 – which just so happens to be Mad Woman and Pinky Promise – but she also shared some top tips on how to show your newly pampered and preened nails off with a great nailfie. We can’t wait to try these out:

Coloured backgrounds

Coloured backgrounds are key to create a mood, and make details POP.

Nailfie 101 Coloured Backgrounds


Become a clutch player – literally. Grip edges of any surface and props to angle nails toward the lens.

Nailfie 101 Props

Creative backgrounds

Choose creative backdrops to complement special details and deliver a unique combination.

Nailfie 101 Creative Backgrounds


Use the buddy system to shoot that two-handed pose. Remember to return the favour!

Nailfie 101 Teamwork


Try new poses to keep it interesting. Playfulness and fun are essential ingredients in the ultimate nailfie.

Nailfie 101 Poses


These help by transforming the ordinary to extraordinary from Hudson to Nashville… experiment with a combination of flash/brightening effects for amazing results.

Nailfie 101 Filters


Finding the right piece of jewellery can elevate your #nailfie game to the next level.

Nailfie 101 Accessorize


Lighting is everything! Without the right amount of direct light, no filter can make your nail shot Insta-worthy.

Nailfie 101 Lighting


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