What are perfume oils? And why are they trending?

Another day another beauty trend to participate in.

Perfume oils are making a strong comeback, and we can see why. They’re versatile, long lasting and convenient, but what exactly are they? Perfume oils are more concentrated than standard eau de parfums, the typical spray perfume you probably have always used.

Perfume oils are a way to get your favourite scents for a more affordable price and due to the highly concentrated product, you don’t need as much to smell amazing all day long.

Perfume oils are often sold in smaller bottles as you don’t need as much as a standard perfume, making them perfect for travel and flying.

How to use a perfume oil

When it comes to perfume oils, a little goes a long way. Whether it’s a roller or dropper bottle they are perfect for layering scents and are extremely long-lasting. Most perfume oils come in dropper forms which means you can add them to your body cream if you find a scent you love. Perfume lasts much longer on hydrated skin and most perfume oils are very hydrating, ensuring your scent will be long-lasting. You can also use them as a base before spraying your favourite perfume to ensure you smell great as long as possible.

If you enjoy layering perfume sprays, layering perfume oils is worth a try, as they are perfect for achieving your desired scent.

For those of you who don’t react well to sprays, perfume oils are a great way to smell amazing as they sit directly on the skin and are made alcohol-free, as most spray perfumes are alcohol-based rather than oil-based.

The best perfume oils to add to your fragrance wardrobe

If you’re looking to dip your toe into the world of perfume oils here are some of our favourites to treat yourself to.

Tory Burch – €66

Sunna Musk – €25

& Other Stories – €17 

e11even – €92

Laura Mercier – €69.95

Words by Abby Sammon


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