Wedding weekend coming up? We’ve got you covered with these three looks

Weddings are never a one-day affair anymore.

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PIC: VIP Magazine

With Wedding season in full swing, there’s no doubt you’ve been trawling through shops and scrolling online to find the perfect look.

These days, there is more to think about that just the actual wedding day itself, with the celebrations now lasting several days, usually spanning across a whole weekend.

Now, guests will often join the soon-to-be bride and groom in the hotel or venue a night before the wedding, then the big day comes around and it’s now common to have a party the day after the nuptials to relax and unwind.

Weekend-long weddings can be daunting, but there’s no need to panic, because we’ve got three looks for you to cover all bases.

We were inspired by Fair City’s Jenny Dixon and her recent shoot in the June issue of VIP Magazine, and have a number of fun, yet classy looks to take you through the celebrations.

Pre-wedding gathering

A meet-up the day before the wedding is becoming more popular among Irish couples. It gives the couple a chance to chat to everyone, for guests to catch up, and to settle in the venue for the following day.

This might be more casual than the actual day of vows, but it’s still good to have a pretty dress on hand for such an event.

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Jenny’s dress above is perfect for the pre-wedding meet-up. It’s on trend, feminine but still quite simple and classy, and what’s even better is that it’s from iClothing, which means you can get it delivered right to your door, and it’s only €16.95.

Missy Tie Embroidered Dress in Black - €16.95 -
Missy Tie Embroidered Dress in Black – €16.95 –

The big day

Summer is wedding season, which means you’ll probably be invited to more than one wedding. It can be stressful to find dresses to suit the occasion and that you can actually wear again.

This blue dress worn by Jenny in her VIP shoot is perfect. The light, breezy fabric and colour make is suitable for summer, while the sleeves make it more practical for Irish weather and you’ll be more likely to wear it outside of summer again.

Holly Tie Long Sleeve Dress in Blue - €19.95 - iClothing
PIC: VIP Magazine

The dress comes from iClothing too, so you can get it in a hurry if you’re panicking about still having nothing for that wedding coming up next in July.

It’s a bargain too at only €19.95!

Holly Tie Long Sleeve Dress in Blue - €19.95 -
Holly Tie Long Sleeve Dress in Blue – €19.95 –

Post-wedding celebrations

It’s almost customary now at Irish weddings to have a party the next day. This is a celebration that the day went fantastically and loads of friends and family are gathered in one place.

This can often been the most fun day of the wedding because all the stress and pressure is over with.

This is the perfect time to opt for a more fun look.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 12.08.03
PIC: VIP Magazine


Jenny inspired us once again with this fun sequin dress from Pretty Little Thing. The dress is not only perfect for a post-wedding party, but it can be warn at any time of year and could be whipped out again at on New Year’s Eve or a birthday party.

€47.25 –

There you have it! Three looks to get you through a fun-filled wedding weekend.

Jenny’s interview with VIP Magazine is in the June issue with pics by Lili Forberg.


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