We put ESSIE’s new gel couture collection to the test. Did it hold up?

We tested out the new nail polishes that average at €10 each. Are they worth the price? Find out below:

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When ESSIE’s new gel couture collection landed on my desk I couldn’t contain my excitement, mostly because of the new divine packaging. It gives it a really edgy look (excuse the pun) and is really nice to hold while getting the job done.

The new collection comes in a wide range of colours – nudes to navy, and everything in between. The collection also has it’s own top coat which promises to give you that gel look.

Sampling the products, I applied two coats of ‘Zip Me Up’ to my nails and one lashing of the top coat.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 15.14.57
The first thing I noticed was the amazing pigmentation and how quickly it dried. A quick drying polish is always a winner in my books. Who has time to sit and literally watch paint dry? Not VIP.

This is my nails freshly painted. I loved the colour straight away it screamed tanned skin and cocktails. Perfect for my upcoming weekend away!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 15.15.04

As the days went on the polish started to chip away and the colour seemed to look dirty. Even after I would wash my hands, any kind of make-up would almost stick to the polish. I found it really noticeable. As well as this, the shine had worn off and it was more like matte finish than a gel.

For a polish that averages at €10 I was disappointed with its longevity.

The following week, I decided to give a different colour in the collection a go and I was pleasantly surprised. I applied it on a Saturday and five days later it’s still looking good. The only difference in this application was that I didn’t use a top coat.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 15.15.21

So do we really need the expensive top coats when it comes to nail polish? For me it was better without.

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