Vogue Williams won’t be going in, but here’s our top Celebrity Big Brother wishlist!

We would LOVE to see these guys and gals in the house!

Vogue was sure to have a wander around the house earlier this year
Vogue was sure to have a wander around the house earlier this year

Despite being a massive fan of Big Brother, Vogue Williams has admitted that she wouldn’t be able to compete in the show, purely because she couldn’t live with 14 strangers for three weeks.

Writing on her latest blog post for Hello! Magazine, Vogue said, “A lot of people have ben asking me if I’m going to do CBB, and honestly as much as I love the show, I couldn’t be a contestant. I’ve watched the show for years and I couldn’t stand being locked up with people for that long, they would drive me mad!”

So she may not be taking part in the show, but Vogue will certainly be watching it, especially if the latest rumour she heard is true.

“I will definitely be watching CBB this year; it’s always so good. I also heard a rumour that Caitlyn Jenner will be in there, how amazing!” she said.

While Caitlyn would definitely make out international BB housemate wishlist, but we’ve decided to look a little closer to home and complied a list of our dream Irish contestants.

Amy Huberman
Regardless of who else was in the house at the time, we’d tune in especially for the Hubes. She’s easily one of the funniest ladies in Ireland, and we’d give up good plans to sit around and watch what she would come out with on the show. When the boredom strikes in the house, we’re sure she would say something to break the awkward silence and give the house a few giggles. Who wouldn’t want to laugh their way through three weeks in a house full of strangers?

She wouldn't take any crap in there...
She wouldn’t take any crap in there…

We reckon Andrew would be the most laid back housemate ever, who would only pipe up when the someone struck a chord with him (Sorry). We could imagine the Bray native to be super chilled in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and maybe even pen a few new tracks when there’s a quite moment. We could view the creation of a masterpiece, who wouldn’t want that?!

Hozier and his album
Posing with the album that has brought so many chooooons into our lives.

Colin Farrell
Given half a chance, who wouldn’t tune in to watch this Irish heart throb for hours upon hours each week? As well as his beautiful looks, we’re sure Colin would have plenty of interesting to things to talk about in the house, such as the time he was arrested for attempted murder. Nothing he says would surprise us, but we’d listen intently!

Dayum, Colin! Looking gooood...
Dayum, Colin! Looking gooood…

Laura Whitmore
Laura would more than likely bring a whole heap of fun to the house, especially on those quiet, boring days. We’re sure she’d have stories upon stories to let the world in on, plus, she seems like mighty craic at festivals, so if Big Brother were to play some loud music and pass around some booze, well the fun loving side would have no option but to make an appearance. Plus, we’d love to hear more about the new beau… BB, get on this!

The only issue, would there be enough lippy in the house for her?!
The only issue, would there be enough lippy in the house for her?!

George Hook 
Who knows what that man would come out with – it would be tv gold! George has been raising a few eyebrows over the last number of weeks, with a number of comments he’s made, but none surprised us quite as much as his declaration of love for J.Lo’s derriere. Plus, if we were to have him and Colin Farrell in the one house, the pair could discuss further how Colin will play George in his Fifty Shades movie… That would certainly make for interesting viewing, right?

George's comments would make GREAT tv!
George’s comments would make GREAT tv!

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