Vogue Williams opens up about feeling anxious, admitting she’s ‘not feeling her happiest’

Vogue Williams has opened up with her listeners about her anxious feelings, revealing that she’s ‘not feeling her happiest’ right now.

Many of us can relate to this right now, with all the uncertainty that’s lingering.

On her podcast with husband Spencer Matthews, titled Spencer & Vogue, she explained, “I haven’t been feeling great this week. I’m not feeling in my happiest place this week. I’m very anxious at the moment.

“I didn’t even train and my strain was so high because my heart rate’s been so high all day. Look at my hands, I can’t even sit with my hands straight.”

She continued, “I keep sitting there and noticing how anxious I am like I can’t even rest my mouth when it’s not moving. As with everybody who might feel a little bit anxious, it’s been an anxiety-filled week.

“I’m going to keep trying not to be anxious which might take a while.”

Spencer then opened up about how Vogue’s anxiousness can also affect him, also revealing that he didn’t think anxiety was a thing before they met. “You’re a Debbie downer sometimes. Before I met you, I thought anxiety was a myth.

“I love you. I always love you. When you’re feeling unhappy, I’m feeling not my best because I want you to feel happy all the time.

“You’re like my shadow or sidekick. You’re like an extension of me so when you’re upset, I feel like I should be upset.”


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