Vogue Williams opens up about fear of death with husband Spencer

Vogue Williams has opened up about health fears and reveals she is ‘so scared of dying’ on she and husband Spencer Matthews’ podcast, ‘Spencer & Vogue’.

On the episode, Vogue began to speak about her father’s passing ten years ago, explaining to listeners that they were wearing bracelets that monitors your heartbeat levels. She then revealed that one of Spencer’s friends mentioned that she had quite a high heart rate.

“A bracelet like a Fitbit and it measures everything and Spencer’s pal was over here today and he says he’s never seen a resting heart rate as high as mine.”

Spencer added, “It was for a socially distanced business meeting I should probably add.

“You have a resting heart rate of well over 100 which is bizarre considering that most people is like 60.”

Vogue then joked, “Well I pride myself on that.” While Spencer replied, “You shouldn’t because it’s not heathy.”

Vogue agreed, explaining that her dad died of a heart condition, as she revealed that she is scared of dying,

“It’s not and do you know what, my dad died of heart problems. He actually died ten years ago recently which is kind of mad. He had a triple bypass, he had two heart attacks in two days.

“I have only been going on about how scared I am of dying recently. Oh my God, I need to get my heart rate down now it’s not funny any more.”

Spencer then added that Vogue often talks about this fear at night, “She keeps talking about dying literally every night when we’re in bed.

“She will look at me with these massive puppy dog and say, ‘I don’t want to die’. Like how mad is that?”

Vogue continued, saying, “I would miss out on everything. I would miss Theodore and Gigi. I would miss you.

“We’re going to get buried together. When I die, even if I die in the next couple of months, we’re going to get buried together.

“I can’t believe no one else is scared of dying. I asked my aunt Naomi who is way closer to it than I am and she was like, ‘No’. “


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