Viewers were not happy with Graham Norton’s appearance on The Late Late Show

We weren't expecting this!

He didn't fail to impress!

Viewers were left disappointed after watching Graham Norton on The Late Late Show last night.

The tables were turned on the chat show host as Ryan grilled him about his thoughts on Brexit and his new book, Holding, in a pre recorded interview for the show -but viewers were very unhappy with how obvious it was that the segment wasn’t live.

They took to Twitter to vent their frustrations over a series of awkward moments that occurred during the interview.

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He didn't hold back!
He didn’t hold back!

Luckily, Graham still managed to impress viewers with his killer wit and impressive opinions, especially on Brexit.

The Cork native discussed the impact that Brexit will have on young people and condemned the older generations in Britain who voted to leave the European Union.

‘I was astonished that people bought the pack of lies they were sold and I feel sorry for the people who voted for it because they were lied to,” he said.

“They were promised things that are never going to happen and they were told [about] the things that are now unfolding: ‘oh don’t worry, that won’t happen’.

“What is great about being young is you’ve so many options. Life – all the doors are open, every door is open,” he continued.

“What is so sad about Brexit is that people over 60, because it was people over 60 passed that thing, closed so many doors on young people and shut down options. ”

“Shut down options about studying abroad, living abroad, working in places. It just seemed absolutely the wrong instinct. Don’t make the world smaller, don’t shut things down. I understand where the fear comes from but, actually, I think it is sad.”

Watch a snippet of his interview here:


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