Viewers were not happy with a certain guest on The Late Late Show last night

They took to Twitter to express their disdain.

Not again..
Not again..

Viewers were left unimpressed with last night’s Late Late Show after they featured a lengthy interview RTE broadcaster Charlie Bird.

Charlie joined Ryan to talk about the dangers of puppy farming, based on his own personal experience when buying his own dog.

The broadcaster explained that he didn’t carry out thorough research when buying his dog Tiger from a farm, and later he found out that they were puppy farmers.

“I saw on the website that this was a small family run kennels. Eventually we left and we decided we would get Tiger,” he told Ryan.

“And within ten days, somebody told us that where we bought the dog was not a small family run kennel.

“I discovered that they had maybe between 70 to 100 breeding bitches.”

Viewers were not impressed.
Viewers were not impressed.

The journalist urged viewers to not make the same mistake he did and carry out proper research before buying a dog, however, viewers were more concerned with the news value of the interview and many accused the national broadcaster of using their own employees to fill time on the show.

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