Viewers share their emotional thoughts on the final episode of Derry Girls

Last night saw the final episode of Derry Girls air and fans of the show are heartbroken to bid it farewell.

The hour-long special told the story of the gang, one year after the series’ final episode. The plot tells the story of the days leading up to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and the disruption it has on Erin and Orla’s 18th birthday party.

The show ended on a high, with a surprise cameo from Chelsea Clinton. Once the episode came to a close viewers took to social media to share their thoughts on it. Many praised Lisa McGee for the show and the impact it’s had on both them personally and Irish culture as a whole.

“Thank you @lisammcgee for making us laugh and showing that Northern Ireland was and is much more than harrowing headlines. Showing us the warmth and laughter that endured despite the ‘ghost story’ and telling so many beautiful, funny tales we might never have heard” wrote one person.

“As a child of the 90s, Derry Girls gave me more insight into the politics of Northern Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement than school ever did. And has motivated me to go away, learn more and understand better. All while making me laugh and cry. Incredible programme,” said another.

Derry Girls

Others are grateful for the representation on the show, with Clare being particularly popular among fans.

“I’m upset derry girls is over but i will always be grateful just for Clare’s existence in the show. being able to see a plus-size lesbian teen on tv just makes me feel so seen and beautiful”

Similarly, Nicola Coughlan who plays Clare and the rest of the Derry Girls cast took to social media to share their thoughts on the show wrapping up.

Nicola wrote:

“It’s impossible to put into words what Derry Girls has meant to me and how much it’s changed my life so I won’t even try

Thank you all so much to you all, what an honour it’s been”

Protagonist Saoirse Monica Jackson shared some emotional words on her Instagram too.

“Derry Girls was a huge break for me & working with Lisa has changed my life and will always continue to inform my creative decisions for the rest of my career, a privilege to say the least.”

“This show means the world to me, thank you for every beautifully crafted word and thank you for giving my beautiful hometown it’s truest voice.”

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