Top tips for keeping fit this winter

Its difficult to stay motivated in the dark and cold evenings

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As the summer months draw to a close, many of us out there are worried about keeping up a consistent fitness regime.

For those of you who prefer to go for a run than go to the gym, would rather swim in the sea than a swimming pool or are just a fan of the great outdoors, we have the inside scoop on how to make sure your exercise routine doesn’t take a hit as the winter months come knocking.

Ireland’s rugby star Hannah Tyrrell gave us her tips on how to keep fit and active coming into the darker evening, and they’re much easier than you would think.

“I think the biggest thing, the easiest thing is just getting out and going for walks,” Hannah told VIP at the opening of the new Regatta Great Outdoors store in the Ilac Shopping Centre in Dublin.

“You can wrap up well in the evening time as well, as long as you’re wearing something reflective and visible.

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Hannah Tyrrell at the opening of the Regatta Great Outdoors in the Ilac shopping centre


“You can take it at your own pace. You can start by walking and break into a bit of a jog. You can run depending on fitness level and age. You can also go to the park and do some circuits and weights, push-ups, high knew, jumping jacks.

“There is so much that you can do without having to use any equipment or without having to be in a gym basically. Quick and easy ways are just setting targets of 30 seconds each exercise, doing a little circuit to get your heart rate going, get you moving, get the blood flowing and you feel great after it. It only takes about 30 minutes overall.”

Will you be giving it a go?


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