Today FM presenter, Pamela Joyce shares letter she received from a viewer; “I can’t believe that there’s people that mean in the world”

Pamela Joyce
Pic: Pamela Joyce/Instagram

An incredibly difficult part of working in the public eye these days seems to be the influx of hate from readers, listeners and viewers. Almost anyone who works in the industry has shared an awful story or comment they have received at some point in their career, and sadly it’s something that is seemingly impossible to avoid.

Today FM’s Pamela Joyce has shared a horrendous letter she received this week after appearing on Ireland AM, which included vicious comments about the presenter. Sharing it to her Instagram stories she showed her followers it’s contents as well as that it was hand delivered.

Visibly upset, Pamela spoke to her followers on stories saying “Thank you so much for all the nice messages, I didn’t mean for it to be a ‘poor me/make me feel better’ thing.”

Continuing Pamela said; “If you don’t like the show, or how I do my job that’s fine but you don’t have to take a piece of paper and write it down and send it to me. Who are you to comment on how I look it’s none of your business how I live my life, how I look, what I do.”

“I like to believe that 95% of people in the world are nice people and they wouldn’t do something like that but if there’s something you don’t like about someone you don’t have to tell them.”

She ended on a lighter note; “Practice niceness, practice kindness and the person who wrote that letter you have really nice hand writing so that’s your saving grace, your redeeming quality.”

Pamela recently shared the exciting news that she was taking over the lunchtime slot on Today FM. Posting the news on social media she shared; “Batten down the hatches y’all – here comes trouble!”

Revealing her delight at being back on the station she said; “It’s the first show I ever worked on when I joined the station in 2018 and I’ve always had such a love for it. And I can now officially call it my baby.”

“2 hours a day where you can hear some cracking tunes, my many tales of personal misfortune and of course plenty of divilment. Sadly for me – it means I now have to start wearing a bra to work.”

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