Throwback Thursday: When VIP met Rosanna Davison

In 2004, we sat down for an exclusive photoshoot and interview with the then Miss World!

Now that's a throwback!
Now that’s a throwback!

Having been crowned Miss World in December 2003, the following year VIP decided who better than to grace one of our covers than the reigning champ, Rosanna Davison.

We sat down with the student and part-time model to hear all about her elaborate travels around the globe, and her work for various charities.

“I’ve had the opportunity to travel to so many varied and exotic locations, including the US, Canada, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Germany, London, Poland, France and have been to China a couple of times this summer. My year has been full of excitement, but also very educational,” she told VIP.

We're loving the hair-do
We’re loving the hair-do

Rosie continued, “My eyes have definitely been opened to the extreme pain and suffering that many people endure in countries around the world.”

During that year, the beauty queen had taken a year off college, but planned to head back to UCD to finish her degree in Art History and Sociology studies – and stated that she knew she wouldn’t be treated any differently because of her new title.

“I never really talked about Miss World to my friends. We just chat as we always have done. I have a great circle of close friends, many of them are in UCD… I doubt anyone in college will look at me differently now just because I won Miss World – I’m exactly the same person,” she said.

Some noughties style...
Some noughties style…

And once she finished her reign as Miss World, it was top of her to-do list.

“Working towards my college degree will be one of my main priorities for the next few years. I also plan to do more work with he charities I’ve been involved with and hopefully do some part-time modelling,” she admitted.

The ‘part-time modelling’ certainly worked out for her, as the Irish beauty landed magazine covers all over the world – but none as glam as her one for VIP!


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