Three ways to enjoy the good weather solo this summer

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The weather improving (slowly but surely!) and summer approaching is the best incentive for going out.

However, summer is a time when feelings of loneliness tend to surface. Social media becomes that bit more lively as we scroll past events as everyone enjoys the long-awaited clear skies.

If you’re someone that struggles with loneliness, VIP HQ  has compiled a list of enriching things to do on your lonesome this summer. Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you have to succumb to the feelings of loneliness, let’s fight this FOMO once and for all! 


Pic: Pexels

Spending time outside is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your mental health.

Nature is proven to boost physical and mental well-being. Time in nature increases positive emotions and fresh air improves our thinking and mental clarity.

Go on a blissful solo picnic date or enjoy a refreshing bike ride this summer. Hikes are also a great way to get out into nature, we recommend the Howth Cliff walk, accessible by DART.

Gardening is also the perfect hobby to take up to spend time outside. Gardening allows you to nurture something into life, helping that feeling of loneliness and increasing self-fulfilment.


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We must fuel ourselves each day through food. This is necessary for the rest of our existence, so why not learn the skill of cooking! Developing your cooking skills is a great way to challenge yourself.

Cooking and exploring new recipes and flavours draws out your creativity. Spending time with yourself curating yummy meals is a massive stress reliever. We love a good trip to the grocery store as well.

Try out some new simple cookbooks, we are currently loving Sprout & Co Saladology: Fresh Ideas for Delicious Salads. They have the perfect in season summer recipes and who doesn’t love a cheeky Sprout salad!

We’re also a big fan of Lilly Higgins’ 60 Delicious Dinner Recipes with all proceeds going to aid in Gaza.


Pic: Pexels

All you need is a mat and YouTube! Yoga increases balance and flexibility.

Practising yoga at home is a great way to occupy time. It’s a skill you can improve quickly. There are a multitude of great teachers on YouTube.

We recommend Yoga With Adrienne. Yoga is also a skill that you can use to get closer to your community. Yoga classes are quite popular so work on this craft at home and you can join your local yoga class in the future to aid that lonely feeling. 

Words by Ebun Lofinmakin


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