Three products skin experts want you to use

Your bathroom cupboard might be chock-a-block with bottles and tubs you’ve collected over the years, but do you have the three products skin experts want you to use?

We had a chat with online skin consultant The Skin Nerd about the products they worship and why we should be lovin’ ’em.

1. Everday cleanser

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“I genuinely believe that at the end of the day people don’t cleanse properly so the first [product recommended] would be a good cleanser,” says The Skin Nerd. They’re so passionate about cleansing that they’ve invented the Cleanse Off Mitt – a micro-fibre glove designed to scoop out any oil, debris or pollution that naturally builds up on the skin after a long day.

2. Probiotic cleanser 

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“We’re massive fans of cleansing thoroughly!” says The Skin Nerd.

But why a probiotic cleanser?

“It doesn’t just clean the skin like a traditional cream cleanser,” The Skin Nerd explains, “it actually feeds the good bacteria on the skin.”

Sounds like magic to us!

3. SPF

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SPF isn’t just for your holibobs – The Skin Nerd recommends applying broad spectrum SPF to your face, neck and décolletage each and every day.

“Even if you just cleanse and SPF everyday, I believe that’s enough to actually be respecting the skin,” they say. “With your SPF you’re looking for something with ‘UVA’ written on it with a little circle around it. Start to look out for products that say ‘screen protection’ because we all live on our smartphones and that really is affecting the health of our skin.”


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