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This one top tip will ensure you get the perfect curl every time

Follow these simple steps, and you'll have the best looking hair in town!

Roz opted for STUNNING curls at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards last year
Roz opted for STUNNING curls at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards last year

The perfect curl; everyone wants them, but it’s not always easy to get right.

Whether you’re off for a night on the town, a glitzy red carpet event or simply a sunny stroll through the city, soft, bouncy curls are the go-to look, and when done properly, can look spectacular.

Creating that look at home couldn’t be easier, once you’ve got the right tools, and the correct technique.

When starting, instead of spending hours upon hours parting and curling individual pieces of hair, Peter Mark stylist Grace Carr advises to simply split the hair in two sides, and then into a top and bottom layer, working through them.

“I use the GHD Curve Tong,” she says. “Separate your hair down the middle of your head, always curl away from your face, and do it in the same direction! I always choose to make them go back.

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“They look like ringlets when you first do it, and most people get a shock, thinking they look like an Irish dancer. The tighter you do it at the start, the better it’s going to last. The smaller the hair tongs, the better.

“Initially when you look at soft, bouncy curls, it looks like it’s been done with a big barrel, but that’s probably not the case. The tighter you do it, the longer it will last. Sometimes you can get two days out of curls.”

To finish, “Put a light spray over them, and brush it all through. Don’t be afraid! Use a tangle teaser or something like that, and brush it through. It’s more about texture.”

And the top tip to making the curls last longer? Don’t touch the hair at all while it’s still warm!

“When you curl your hair, wait until it’s cold before you unravel or brush through. It’s going to be hot from the tool, but spray it and then let it cool. Leave it in the ringlets, go off and do your make-up and then it’ll be cold. Your hair sets when it is cool.”

And there you have it, folks! Will you trying this look out at home?

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