“They don’t tell you about it” Christy Dignam on the mental impact of cancer

Christy revealed he forgot the words to his songs following chemo.

Christy Dignam has opened up about the mental issues he faced after his cancer diagnosis.

The Aslan star explained that he hit a low after coming out of hospital following treatment.

“I was in a wheelchair for about six months, and I remember sitting at home… I hadn’t been gigging obviously with the chemo I had forgotten all the songs and all the words, and I remember sitting seeing kids starving to death, and kids in Syria being blown up and shot and having to come across in boats across the Mediterranean.”

The Crazy World singer admitted he felt that he didn’t do enough with his life.

“Then I thought, ‘you sang a few songs, that’s what you wasted your life on, look at all this stuff that’s happening in the world that you ignored’. I got into a really dark place,” he told Cutting Edge.

The 58-year-old says he now feels there is not enough mental health support for cancer patients.

“I got out of that kind of depression let’s call it and it occurred to me that when I was in hospital they deal with the medical side of things but they don’t even tell you that you’re going to go through this. Because when I got out, I was out of hospital but I have cancer and you’ve to live with that cancer and all the head sh*t that that is going to evoke in you.”

The singer added that he’s found a combination of things to help with the many effects of cancer.

“It’s like Post Traumatic Stress almost, that’s what I was in. I started doing Tai Chi and Qi Gong and I was trying to get the best out of eastern meditation and western medicine and combine the two and cherry pick what got me through the day.”


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