The skincare mistake you’re probably making

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In today’s information-soaked society, we can all be experts in pretty much anything. 90s romantic comedies, the extended Kardashian family tree, Beyoncé – you name it, there’s a detailed article (or hundred) on it.

This is why many of us may think we’ve got our skincare regimes perfected. We’ve absorbed countless books detailing the steps necessary to properly care for our face, collected enviable hordes of products, and are diligent about our extensive morning and night regimes.

And yet, there’s still a big mistake many of us marking daily: over-exfoliating.

“There’s an epidemic of over-exfoliating,” says online skin consultant The Skin Nerd.

“The exfoliators that are on the market are so aggressive that they can actually strip the oils from your skin leaving your skin more exposed to the environment. I genuinely believe that’s why there’s been an increase in the amount of irritation, sensitivity, severe dryness, and breakouts.”

To combat this, The Skin Nerd recommends switching to an acid-based exfoliator which, while sounding more aggressive, is actually easier on your skin.

Speaking to VIP, The Skin Nerd explained, “Your skin is acidic so by putting an acid onto it, your skin can accept it.”

You might also be surprised to learn you can ease up on your skincare routine because exfoliation doesn’t need to happen every day.


“Cleanse, tone, and moisturise every day and only exfoliate every couple of days,” The Skin Nerd recommends.

We know what we’ll be doing – or not doing – from now on!


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