The Seven O’Clock Show hosts and guest Madeline Mulqueen left shocked over comedian’s comments

This was a tad controversial...

Lucy and Martin were pretty shocked at the controversial joke!
Lucy and Martin were pretty shocked at the controversial joke!

Comedians are known for pushing the boat out with their humour, but one controversial gag seemed to fall flat on last night’s Seven O’Clock Show.

Hosts Lucy Kennedy and Martin King and model Madeline Mulqueen didn’t look too impressed when fellow guest, comedian Andrew Stanley, cracked an offensive joke on the live TV3 show.

The funnyman, who appeared on the programme to promote MOVE for Movember, was asked by a viewer to share his gag that gets the best reaction. “I have one… it’s a kind of controversial one…” he replied.

“I’m debating whether to do this or not,” he said. “It’s basically about Irish people and how they’re so patriotic, and if anyone offends us we tend to rally back straight away.

“So for example I saw two American girls walk into a bar on Grafton street and order two Irish Car Bombs, which in America is a very popular student drink. The guy got really offended and said I won’t make them for you but I’ll make something else.”

He continued: “So he got two shot glasses, filled them with sambuca, set them on fire and said ‘There’s your twin towers, have a nice trip’.”

Madeline looked slightly uncomfortable at the risqué joke
Madeline looked slightly uncomfortable at the risqué joke

A visibly awkward Lucy and Martin attempted to change the subject before taking a break, while Madeline visibly grimaced.

Meanwhile, Lucy asked Madeline “when do we need to get our hats”, regarding her engagement to actor Jack Reynor – but the model wasn’t giving anything away.

“My granny asks me this everyday,” she laughed. “No time soon, no wedding plans soon. There’s a lot more to tick off the list before then!”

She is currently preparing to go on a charity trip to Africa with Diana Bunici, Irma Mali, Teodora Sutra and Siobhan O’Connor. The beauties are heading to a small village called Zabwe in Zambia to build a shelter for young girls.

Watch the full clip from last night here!


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