The Orange Peel Theory is all over social media but what is it?

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A viral orange peel theory has taken over our TikTok feed, but it is not really about oranges. It’s about a relationship litmus test.

According to TikTok, the results indicate whether your partner truly cares about you or not. You may wonder what qualifies these content creators to say whether a relationship will last? And the answer is, absolutely nothing! 

But what exactly is the orange peel theory?  

Well, people are asking their partner to peel oranges for them. Something that they could do themselves but that isn’t the point. The concept suggests if your partner would do something as small as peeling an orange for you, they really do care about you, but if your partner won’t do this small act for you, you should run.

At least this is what TikTok advises. 

Many users have taken to the app to try this theory on their significant other. A lot of partners have passed the test with flying colours, not even questioning their girlfriends’ motives. 

@blakehealey1 “A cutie for my cutie” goodbye 😭😭😭😭 #orangepeeltheory #orangepeeltest #fyp #greenflaghusbands #husbandsoftiktoks ♬ original sound – Blake Healey

But one user, in particular, has gone viral with over 25.5m views and has got people talking about the test, as her boyfriend refused to peel an orange for her.

He told her, “I’m trying to make you strong and independent and build you up as a female” and that she “wasn’t that special.” One viewer commenting on the video said, “Girl RUN” with another commenting, “Both sides of this argument though were valid, until he said, ‘you’re not that special,’ then he lost.”  

Her boyfriend not peeling an orange for her isn’t the issue here, it’s how he spoke to her. In a time when relationship tests are being recorded and put up on social media, it feels like the whole world can have an opinion on your relationship. 

@shelbyywilfong failed attempt. #fyp ♬ original sound – shelby

Sure, if your partner never offers acts of service this can lead to feelings of neglect in a relationship, but if your partner won’t peel an orange for you, I wouldn’t be looking for someone who will.

Testing your partner with viral theories won’t prove to you or the world that they are the right one for you. And this theory won’t affect your relationship unless you take the TikTok relationship experts’ advice as gospel.  

Remember, the person who might not peel an orange for you may open the car door for you, they may care for you when you’re sick or have a great relationship with your family.

And if they do peel an orange for you, well that’s a bonus!  

Words by Abby Sammon 


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