The NEW beauty trick behind make-up free selfies

Meet the contouring trend you need to know about!


tan4The new buzzword is Tantouring.

It’s the latest contouring trick that sculpts your face using self tan alone. Yep, no bronzers, no concealers, no foundation! In the fast-paced and fickle world of Irish beauty, a new means of contouring has taken hold. Tantouring involves cheating your way to defined cheekbones using fake tan- we’re sold.

Speaking about the new trend recently, Marissa Carter, founder of the Cocoa Brown self-tanning line said: ‘It’s every woman’s dream to look good without make-up and this technique gives you the opportunity to wake up looking naturally perfectly contoured.”

Marissa shares her technique!

The beauty guru says all you need is a few different shades of self tan in your bathroom cabinet -think light to dark for super-defined features.

Hollywood celebs like Kim Kardashian are fans of the beauty trend.
Hollywood celebs like Kim Kardashian are fans of the beauty trend.

You don’t need a natural tan to begin with but a base colour self tan will look more convincing.

So how to tantour like a pro?

Apply a gradual tanning moisturiser all over your face to create a natural base. We recommend starting with an overall base glow and then using a foundation brush and a darker shade of bronze on the forehead, while using a contouring brush and a deeper colour under the cheekbones, to make them appear higher and more chiseled. Gotcha!

Let the tan develop for one, two, or three hours depending on your desired look. Your contour should then last between five-seven days before fading.


The biggest perk to using self-tanner to cheat cheekbones? You only have to do it once a week! We know what we’ll be doing tonight!




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