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The expert tip to make your hair colour last longer

This one addition to your haircare routine will help slow the fading process

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Few things in the world make us feel as good as a fresh hair do. A new colour, a nice cut and we’re on top of the world. But making that feeling last, is no mean feat.

Whether it’s the wrong shampoo or not using the right haircare products, our vibrant new colour can fade quicker than we may have hoped – but there’s a solution.

According to haircare experts, if it’s fading at an alarming pace, it could be down to how you style your tresses.

Using hot tools are fine, but when you use them without protection, that’s when you run into problems.

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“You need is a heat protector – any kind, because heat is always going to cause rapid fade,” says Peter Mark’s John Harvey.

“If you’re blowdrying or heat styling, be it a tongs or a straightener, you’re going to get rapid fade without a heat spray.”

Whether you use a serum, a lotion or a spray, it’s vital to add a layer of protection before going in with your trusty tools.

Pureology Colour Fantastic Treatment Spray – €26.00


As well as protecting the hair, this spray detangles, strengthens hair fibres. helps prevent split ends and reduces dryness.

Kérastase Nectar Thermique – €25.30

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This lotion, in our eyes, is the queen of heat protection. Apply a small blob to your hair before styling, to prevent damage. It also leaves your tresses super soft, nourished and incredibly shiny.

Kérastase L’Incroyable Blowdry – €25.00


We all know by now that we have to use a protectant on our hair, but making a look last longer and limiting how often we style our hair, will also help the fading process.

Applied on damp hair before styling, Kéraste L’Incroyable shields the hair from heat damage, but also holds the shape of the desired style, extending the length of your blowdry.

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