The €4 beauty product Alannah Beirne cant live without

"I use it for absolutely everything."

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Alannah Beirne has revealed that her top beauty tip is something we would never have expected.

The model spends a lot of her time on shoots and having recently competed on Dancing with the Stars she also spent a lot of time in front of TV cameras.

As a woman who is in the spotlight a lot, we were intrigued to find out Alannah’s go-to beauty products.

Speaking exclusively to VIP Magazine, her answer was surprisingly simple.

“Coconut oil is my main one,” she revealed!

“I honestly use it for everything, even if I’m doing shoots I just throw a little bit on for that little shine, I oil it up!

“I also put it on my hair before shoots as well as my skin. So I use it for absolutely everything, even for teeth, you can get these coconut oil teeth whiteners.

Coconut oil is like the total beauty tip for me.”

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When it comes to brand, Alannah is not fussy, but she does have one rule.

“It needs to be organic, it has to be the natural.”

Organic coconut oil is available from various supermarkets, health food stores and pharmacies, and they range from as little as €3.99 depending on your preference.

We love this one from Tesco, which is just €3.99.


And this one from Biona Organic which you can pick up in Boots for under €6.


The top model explains that in her line of work, she rarely does her own makeup, which is why coconut oil is her staple on and off duty.

She explained: “With me, I always have a glam team so when it comes to awards and things there is always a great creative team to do hair and makeup, so we come together and use our creative minds to come up with a look. I do try and do it myself but it never really works out.”



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