The 2 Johnnies are out the gap

The 2 JOhnnies

Podcasters, performers and messers Johnny B and Johnny Smacks on what now, after quitting their drivetime radio show on RTÉ 2FM…

Lads, after two years hosting the 2FM drivetime slot, attracting an audience of 151,000, you’re out the gap – how do you feel? Free? Scared?

JS: Grateful for having worked there, and for making a show we’re proud of. We made great friends for life. Now we’re excited for the next chapter.

Johnny Smacks, you used to work in a bacon factory pulling spinal cords out of pigs for eight hours, so walking away from a job at RTÉ, was that easy?

Walking away from anything isn’t easy, but it felt it was the right time. We have so much work on that we’re looking forward to getting stuck into.

You get more creative control flying solo – must be liberating now to go out on your own – again?

JB: Our podcast has always been completely independent. We’ve had a running thread of people having sex in public places, one couple went at it up the side of Croagh Patrick, so thanks to the people of Ireland for sharing their stories.

Johnny S, when you were 11, a psychic told your mother you were going to be famous and travel the world. Who’s that psychic?!

I actually don’t have a name but I do wonder how many people she told the same thing to… [laughs]

Big things are on the horizon, you’re going global, off on tour to Australia and America. How mad is that? Two lads from Tipp, did you ever think…?

JB: The last time we went to Australia it was an amazing experience, we were so well received, we’re going bigger and better this time. New York is one of our favourite places. We love the people, and the shows are always amazing.

Justin Bieber on his rider request asks for an Indian yoga casket, a jacuzzi and meals named after his own songs. What are you guys asking for?

JB: Goujons, brown bread sandwiches, and pints of stout on tap.

What do you think life on the road will be like?

JB: Say a prayer for our tour manager, James Hayes, he’s a saint.

What are you most/least looking forward to?

JB: Most: The shows, trying out new material, can’t wait to do it. Least: The food.
JS: Most: Getting to meet fans abroad, warm weather. Least: Watching Johnny B sleep on planes because I can’t sleep on planes.

The 2 Johnnies

Have you made a watch-list, listen-list, read-list for time travelling?

JB: There are some documentaries on the TG4 player I want to watch, and some books I want to read so I’m not an idiot.
JS: Re-runs of the UK Office.

Will you do any touristy things in your downtime?

JB: Do Irish bars count? We’ve had lots of invites for Irish centres and GAA matches, so we’ll try to see some culture while we’re there.

When you do get back home, what do you reckon you’ll most be looking forward to?

JS: It will be the end of June so getting back to GAA training. Junior A starts the week we’re back.

Tell us about the live show, Pints in a Field 2.

JS: Madness, like the Debs, a communion, a confirmation, and a wedding combined with The Ploughing and Coachella.

And what about the album, Small Town Heroes which has been a long time coming?

JB: 14 songs about life in a small town; fighting, drinking, riding, love, pints, farming, break-ups, and GAA.

Tell us about the plans for the rest of your lives…

JB: Looking forward to getting our life back now that we’re not on the radio.

Catch The 2 Johnnies at the Galway Summer Sessions, Galway Airport, Saturday 17th August and an ALL AGES show, TUS Gaelic Grounds, Limerick Sunday, 1st September.  The 2 Johnnies’ often talked about, long-promised and much sweated-over debut album Small Town Heroes is also out now. Find it and their No.1 podcast on all usual platforms. 

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