Terror in Fair City as Katy finally learns who her captor is – but with drastic consequences

It's all kicking off on the show

Could this be the end for Katy?
Could this be the end for Katy?


There’s set to be terror in Fair City tonight as Katy finally figures out who has been holding her hostage for the past few months – however, it has drastic consequences.

Viewers have already discovered that it’s Ciaran who kidnapped Katy back in May, but she’s about to find out now for herself.

While Katy has been coming up with her own escape plans, unbeknownst to her, Ciaran is thinking about letting her go.

While alone, Katy manages to free herself and get to Ciaran’s phone, and can’t contain herself when a call comes in from her brother Emmet. She cries and begs for help, just as Ciaran arrives back.

She's desperate to get out
She’s desperate to get out


Katy is beyond thrilled to see him, but her delight turns to terror in a matter of seconds as she sees he’s wearing the same clothes as her captor.

She understands that it’s been Ciaran who has held her hostage all these months, and Ciaran panics, realising that his cover has been blown.

Katy decides to put her plan into motion, kicking Ciaran to the floor, however, he drags her down with him.

She’s horrified about what might happen, and her fears become a reality as he goes into the room with a soaked towel and drugs her.

While passed out, she’s bundled into the boot of his car, and starts to scream when she comes around.

Will she survive this?
Will she survive this?


The pair have an altercation, but what he doesn’t realise, is that Katy has stole his phone without him realising.

Could this be her final chance of getting out alive?

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