Team VIP put a sustainable step forward at the Platinum VIP Style Awards thanks to Zipyard

Bianca with Izabela and Paulina

It used to be different. We used to be different. We used to think we needed a new outfit for every big event, be it a wedding, a ball, a party. But life has changed, times have changed and then there’s the environment which is changing right before our eyes. Also, looking at unworn outfits hang in our wardrobe, that have been taken out for just one run, is annoying, isn’t it?

For this year’s Platinum VIP Style Awards, our editor Bianca, decided to rewear a beloved Rixo dress which she wore to her sister’s wedding and another Style Awards, four years ago. Fashion editor Zeda opted to have a bespoke piece made by the talented team at the Zip Yard, the results which you can see below were fabulous.

VIP Editor, Biana Luykx on her Platinum VIP Style Awards look


I have to say I felt wonderful on the night wearing a dress I loved and, it hadn’t swallowed up my weekly salary – what a win. But the biggest win of all is the feeling you get that you’re doing something good for the climate. Now, we’re not saying stop buying your Zara tops, we love our Zara shops, but a reduction in the shopping trips can’t be a bad thing. Because remodelling a pre-worn garment is one of the most sustainable efforts you can make in the fight against fast fashion.

Fashion Editor, Zeda on her Platinum VIP Style Awards look


My whole experience with the Zipyard Swords team was great from start to finish! We started with a meeting in the fabric store and picked out several colour options and Izabela went to work draping the fabrics on me before we landed on our special orange and pink combination. Then it was about deciding what I wanted to wear, I sent Izabela several inspirations and pictures I loved and I simply said: I want to look cool and pretty! We then spent the next few weeks doing fittings and fixes in the Zipyard Swords store. Izabela and Paulina gave me loads of treats and snacks which I loved! While we were doing fittings, we realised that our original concept just wasn’t working so we all buckled down and came up with the design that I wore on the night. It all turned out even better, so everything happens for a reason!

Zeda with Izabela and Paulina

“Consumers are more and more uneasy about the environmental – and financial – costs of fast fashion,” Caroline Wallace, The Zip Yard’s Managing Director told us.

“Altering garments – whether it’s a much-loved winter coat or your favourite pair of jeans – is an easy way to save money and help save the planet. For example, extending the life of your clothes by nine months can reduce their carbon, water, and landfill footprint by up to 30 per cent.”

The company, with 23 ground floor easy-to-access stores nationwide, is all about sustainability and getting as much value from items already in your wardrobe as opposed to buying new all the time, has also implemented several initiatives to make daily operations more sustainable.

The use of paper receipts (made from recycled paper) has been reduced by 80 per cent, while The Zip Yard carrier bags are produced from 100 per cent recycled materials. We salute you! And thank you for our beautiful looks!


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