Suzanne Jackson reveals last minute wedding stress

She is due to get married on August 9th

The stunning bride-to-be
The stunning bride-to-be























Suzanne Jackson, aka SoSueMe, has revealed the stresses involved in the weeks leading up to her wedding.

The bride-to-be is set to marry long time love Dylan O’Connor at Powerscourt hotel next month.

Now, with only two weeks to go until the big day, the 32-year-old has taken to snapchat to reveal the last minute decisions that have left her “so stressed”

“I’ve decided to do a bit of social media, considering I’ve been so quiet because I am so stressed.” she told her snapchat followers last night.

“I genuinely am SO stressed right now. When people used to say to me that they get stressed around weddings and planning a wedding I used to think god what can be so stressful about planning a wedding it’s so exciting surely? F**k no… stress city.

“I think I’ve wanted to kill people about ten times. And I’m not Bridezilla, I am totally cool, calm and collected about everything. But it’s just all getting on top of me now.

“There’s just so many little decisions to be made that are actually really time consuming; like who sits where? Will I put them with them? What side does the bride sit on? Which side does the groom sit on? I know it’s so irrelevant and they sound like such sh*tty little decisions but theres so many to make so close to the time that they just get you so bogged down.

Suzanne white dress

“And then you’re kind of worried about your dress.. theres a list of what I’m worried about. Everyone’s on to me, everyone’s pulling out of me, everyone needs decisions. Even down to the schedule of the bridesmaids… what time to pick them up? What time to pick Dylan’s parents at?…. what cars do we want? It’s just never ending, it’s ongoing the whole time.

“And then I’m trying to run three businesses. And I’m trying to be a girlfriend and a mammy to three dogs. I sound stressed even saying all that… so that’s why I’ve been quiet on social media”

We hope all goes well for Suzanne and Dylan!


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