Struggling to sleep in this heat? Check out these top tips

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In Ireland it’s not often we’re treated to nice weather, so we’re all trying our best not to complain for fear that the sun will abandon us. But when it comes to trying to sleep at night without the luxury of aircon, it’s no joke.

Fans are sold out up and down the county, so if you can’t get your hands on one and you’re struggling to sleep, check out these top tips.

Have a cold shower before bed

It may sound a bit obvious, but having a cold shower before you hit the hay can be super beneficial. It doesn’t have to be so cold that it’s a shock to the system, but a cool shower will certainly help you to drop your body temperature. Hopefully, you’ll be able to drift off sooner rather than tossing and turning.

Keep your clothes on

Despite popular belief, stripping off before bed won’t help you to cool down. It seems sleeping with no clothes on can make you even hotter than before, as sweat can be collected on the body rather than being whipped away by clothing. Instead, opt for some light clothing, like cotton PJs.

Make a ‘cold’ water bottle

Grab your trusty hot water bottle, remove it from its covering and simply pop it in the freezer for an hour before bedtime. Voilá, a cold version of your hot water bottle to help you cool down at night. Alternatively, you can fill a sock with uncooked rice, pop that in the freezer and you can use it to target areas where you feel overly warm at night.

Head downstairs

We all know that heat rises, so in the likely event that your bedroom is upstairs, it’s gonna be warmer than downstairs. Sleep on the couch if possible, or if times are desperate, think about taking your mattress downstairs too.

Spritz your sheets

Have an empty spray bottle lying around the house? Fill it with cold water to give your sheets a light spritzing to cool them down slightly before bed. It’s also a good idea to give yourself a spritz from time to time too. There are amazing facial sprays on the market, but you could also make your own DIY version at home too.

Sleep alone

Yep, another obvious one. But if you’re not sleeping alone at night, then your bed is going to be a whole lot hotter rather than if you were on your own. If you have the option, and you’re really struggling to sleep in the heat, try separate bedrooms for now. Just until the heatwave is over!

Other than that, enjoy the sunshine, and make sure to keep your SPF topped up throughout the day.


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