Struggling to get your kids to eat healthy food? These tricks could make your life easier

Will you be trying these out?


It can often be a challenge to get your little ones to eat good, healthy food. Finding a meal they’ll enjoy can be something many parents struggle with, but oftentimes, turning the process into a bit of fun and getting them involved can be the easiest way to make it happen.

Here are four ways you can get your kids involved and interested in healthy eating.

Make little changes.
If they’re picky eaters and are usually only comfortable with one or two meals, don’t make any drastic changes that will scare your kids off. Instead, incorporate more good food into the meals they already love. Add some tasty veggies, lean meat such as Homebird’s turkey or chicken slices, and some fresh fruit to the meals they are already familiar with.

Let them make choices.
If you offer your little one an apple or a lollipop, nine out of ten times we know what they will chose, but if you give them the choice between two healthy options, they can feel more in control and feel that they are making their own choices. 

Make it a game.
Make a chart or design some simple flip cards full of good food and let them pick and choose what meal they want for lunch. If all the options are healthy, they will always make the right choice.

Make it easy.
There is no reason to complicate meal time when you’re involving your kiddies in the food making process. Pick simple wraps, pastas and sandwiches packed with nutrition that are easy to put together. That way, your kids can feel like they are masterchefs when adding chicken or turkey to their super healthy sandwich. 

Still looking for lunch inspiration? Why not give this inside out wrap a go!

Get kids involved

1 pack Homebird Traditional Irish Roast Turkey Slices

1 tub of cream cheese

Handful of celery sticks or carrot sticks

Spread cream cheese on slice of turkey as if to butter it.
Place celery or carrot stick in the middle and roll turkey up around it.
Cut across diameter if needed to fit in box.

Homebird is available in supermarkets nationwide in 90g and 100g for €3.50 or two packs for €6.


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