Storm Keating opens up about online trolling


Storm Keating is opening up facing unwarranted negativity online, and how she deals with it.

The 41-year-old can see every comment both good and bad, she tries not to let the bad ones get to her as we all do.

In an interview with Evoke, Storm revealed she didn’t always know how to deal with it, saying “I had very thin skin at the beginning, I would have been looking for advice at the start. Well, I think very few of us are able to deal with hate. Hate’s not nice at all.”


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But she revealed that time and experience helped her learn how to cope with the nasty words that get thrown her way when she’s just trying to live her life like the rest of us.

She said: “I have a different amount of strength and you kind of get to a point in your life where you’re older and wiser and things just don’t bother you and you realise that if you allow it to hurt you, you’re actually letting them win.”

Storm lives by the idea of not letting the negativity win, instead focusing on the positive and trying to figure out why people feel the need to hide behind a screen.

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She said: “You can control that like you can control whether… And I just think to myself the types of people who would sit on a computer or on a phone and write nasty comments to anyone, I just think what kind of human is this? I wouldn’t want to be them and you kind of put it in perspective.”

She added: “You can’t say things like that to people and think you’re gonna get away with it. Because it is factually incorrect, but also rude and insulting. You would never say some of the things that are said in person, you wouldn’t dream of it.”

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