Spencer Matthews takes home mystery girl while Vogue Williams is away

The Made in Chelsea star is well known for his womanising ways.

Tut tut...
Tut tut…

Spencer Matthews reportedly took home a mystery blonde after a wild night out, while his other half, Vogue Williams was away.

A source close to the Irish model revealed the Made in Chelsea star had some “explaining to do”, after he was pictured taking a woman home at 2am following a ten hour drinking session.

The reality star, who is a well known womaniser, arrived at E&O restaurant in West London at 3pm last Saturday along with two female pals and an onlooker said he focused all his attention on one particular woman.

“The group were all laughing raucously, and they seemed to be having a great time. But the blonde clearly dominated Spencer’s attention. They seemed very flirty and tactile with each other.” An eye-witness told The Sun.

She won't be happy about this!
She won’t be happy about this!

“And as the night went on they struck up their own private conversation away from the others. At one point she cracked a smile at one of his jokes, and turned away to laugh while Spencer watched her intently.

“When she briefly broke off from their chat to look at her mobile phone, he carried on gazing at her and grinning. He seemed pretty smitten with her.”

After the ten hour drinking session, Spencer took one of his female pals back to his flat with him at 4.30am, and neither had left the apartment by 7.30am.

Spencer will not only face serious repercussions from Vogue, but also his brother, James Matthews, who is set to marry Pippa Middleton next month.

“Spencer was told in no uncertain terms to be on his best behaviour in the run-up to the wedding. His family know there will be a lot of attention, and they want it to be focused on Pippa and James for their big day — not on him.” said a source.

“He has, after all, proved himself an easy target for headlines in the past. They will not be too impressed to see these pictures with just weeks to go until the big day.”


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