Say WHAT?! Here’s some of our top quotes from our fave Irish celebs this year

Who knew they had so much to say?

They never seem to run out of things to speak about, but over the year we’ve noticed that some of our favourite Irish celebs have outdone themselves with their conversational topics.

Whether it’s making outlandish claims about running for president, sharing some baby mishaps or slamming other celebrities – these folk certainly had some interesting things to say. Here’s a few of our favourite quotes from 2015:

Amanda Brunker

Amanda, pictured at the Style Awards this year

Speaking to VIP magazine in June, Amanda opened up about about her party girl days in Dublin, and how she sometimes regrets not saying yes to wealthy suitors: “I thought I was being moralist, that I had standards, but I should have said yes to guys with the money. There were plane rides to Monaco and dinners in New York that I turned down. Eejit!”



Hozier opened up during a fan Q&A session on social media in October, and showed off his witty side. The Wicklow native was asked about his favourite dinosaur, he replied, “Probably the ankylosaurus. And yes, I would bring him into this world, and he would be my mighty steed.”

Amy Huberman

Guests arrive at the The Irish Film & Television Academy awards 2014

Earlier this year, on what we’re going to assume was a relatively sunny day, Amy Huberman took to Twitter to share a dilemma with her followers. “When the only SPF you have to hand is tinted moisturiser and your 10 month old baby boy looks like an extra from Geordie Shore,” she said. YIKES!



Jedward made a declaration earlier this year of a very different career move, admitting that they’d love to run for presidency. Speaking to The Sun, Edward Grimes said, “I want to get stuff done. I know some people think me and John are messing around all the time, but we can be serious. I’d make some authority for myself. I wouldn’t just be a poser. I’d full on be out there and making all the decisions. I wouldn’t just be signing off on stuff.”

Brian McFadden

brian mcfadden
Speaking exclusively to VIP, Brian McFadden revealed that his choice to move over to Australia a couple of years ago without his children was a selfish move. “I guess I made selfish decisions, like work-wise living in Australia, when maybe I should have taken a job closer to family. I guess I always put my career before my family and friends. Not anymore though. I wouldn’t live in Australia or America again, because it’s too far away from the girls,” he said.

Niall Horan 

niall horan

Mullingar man Niall Horan made a confession earlier in the year while on the Ellen DeGeneres show, that he whenever he was recognised, he’d pretend to be a member of another famous pop band. He said, “I used to say I was Nick from the Backstreet Boys. People would ask, ‘Are you Niall from One Direction?’, and I’d say, ‘No, I’m Nick from Backstreet Boys.’”

Thalia Heffernan

thalia heffernan

Thalia Heffernan spoke out about her sweet tooth this year, admitting to that once she settles down she’ll happily indulge and give into her cravings. “I love baking and my mum is a baker by trade, so I used to wake up in the morning to a tray full of cupcakes which was great. I’d like to be one of those housewives who has loads of baked goods everywhere. I feel like if I get married, I can get fat.”

Eoghan McDermott

Emotions were running high during the the same-sex marriage referendum in Ireland earlier in the year, and for Eoghan McDermott, it all got a little bit too much when RTE put a gagging order on all of their staff, so that they couldn’t voice an opinion about the issue. Taking to Twitter, Eoghan said, “After 10. F**k you RTE with all my beating heart. I hope today you didn’t stand in the way of a stranger’s happiness.”

Miriam O’Callaghan

Miriam O’Callaghan revealed that things were tough when her husband first moved to Belfast to work for BBC, but over time they got used to the change, especially once they realised how easy it was to stay in touch. She revealed to the Sunday Independent that there’s a third party in their marriage – but it’s not bad as it sounds. “Steve says there are three people in this marriage: him, me and my iPhone,” she said.

Louise McSharry

We can't wait to read this
We can’t wait to read this

Louise McSharry had enough of people commenting about weight in the media, and was particularly unimpressed with comments made by Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. She took to Twitter to share her frustration, saying, “I’m actually livid over this bullshit. Fat people aren’t even allowed to be told that they look good? F**k off. I’m sorry that people are giving Cheryl abuse over her body, but it’s not cool for her to turn around on others then. Having lived her whole life as think, beautiful woman, body shaming must have come as a shock to her but some of us live with it every day. Oh my actual rage.”



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