Saoirse-Monica Jackson shares the hilarious hack she used to land her role in Derry Girls

Saoirse-Monica Jackson

Derry Girls is the biggest show to come out of Northern Ireland since records began, and launched it’s stars into the limelight. But how exactly did those stars land their roles?

Some of the girls have shared their methods in the past, like Nicola Coughlan who used Nadine Coyle as inspiration for her Derry accent, and now Saoirse-Monica Jackson is sharing her hilarious method for landing the role of Erin.

Seeing as she was trying to land the part of a secondary school student, the real life Derry girl decided to buy actual uniforms, audition while wearing them, and then return the clothes to the shop when she was done.

Telling the Belfast Telegraph: “I was going to Marks and Spencer’s every day and I would buy a school uniform, a different version of a school uniform. Then I’d go to the audition in the full school uniform and then I’d go back to Marks and Spencer’s, get changed in their toilets and then return the uniform to them.”

Ian McElhinney Saoirse-Monica Jackson

The audition process lasted around six months, meaning she was buying and returning quite often.

Confessing that before returning the uniforms, they would have gone through a lot. She explained how she would meet up with friends after her auditions and go to the pub, where she would drink and smoke in the uniforms.

“I’d do this every time I had another audition. I must’ve looked mental when I was on the Tube because you can look 16 on TV, but I was standing smoking and I’d go into All Bar One afterwards with my friends and have a quick pint in the school uniform before returning it.” she shared

She added: “I’d be like, ‘I’ve just sweated my absolute t*ts off in this. Thank you very much. See you next week.’”


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